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7. How to earn Wooz?

Making a purchase through the Woozworld store here : http://store.woozworld.com/ (you must be connected to your Woozworld account beforehand)


We offer many different payment methods such as :


- Credit card


- Ultimate Game Card

- OpenBucks Card

- Paypal



For a modest sum, you can purchase Wooz, exclusive items and outfits as well as one-time, non-recurrent VIP passes and more.


VIP Subscription:

You can go all out and purchase a monthly, 3 month, 6 month or annual subscription which also provides your Woozens with a VIP status, access to exclusive items and areas of the game + a large amount of starting Wooz as well as an additional 60 Wooz per day that you login.


**The options below do not bestow upon your Woozen the title of VIP.


Gaining a new Level:

Every time you gain a new Preztige Level, you receive a certain amount of Beex and Wooz as a reward! If you're a VIP member, you'll receive double the amount. Check out the Preztige progression chart to see exactly how much Wooz you can win at each level:


Festivals and contests:

The Woozband generously gives out rewards at the regular Woozworld Festivals and Contests. Participants usually get a nice thank you item, and the top contestants can win awesome game rewards and substantial amounts of Wooz.



Use your Shop Podz to sell items to other players for the prices you set. Be a smart trader with mad financial skills and you can perhaps become a Wooz tycoon.


Earn Free Wooz:

If you visit our store and click on "Earn Free Wooz" you will be able to complete a few offers from our sponsors.


We hope that the above message properly answers every question you had concerning Woozworld and how to acquire its main currency, the Wooz.

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